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Carbon capture

Fossil fuels still provide most of the world’s electricity. However, traditional power generation is still by far the largest emitter of carbon.

If the world’s governments’ aims to drastically reduce local carbon emissions are going to be realised, carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies will need to reach a very high level of usage.

Our patent attorneys have already worked on a range of projects involving capture, sequestration, utilisation, mobile carbon capture, direct air capture, oxy-combustion and bio energy carbon capture and storage technologies.

Fuel cells and hydrogen

The current push towards decarbonization, controlling greenhouse gas emissions and keeping increases in average global temperature to below 2° means innovation and investment in the hydrogen economy is about to surge.

Many ways to maximise hydrogen’s potential as an energy carrier are being explored. These include hydrogen fuel cells (most notably hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and portable hydrogen fuel cells), renewable hydrogen, offshore wind turbine platforms and solar power systems designed for hydrogen production, advanced electrolysis, X-to-Hydrogen-to-X as well as new ways to distribute, liquify and compress hydrogen.

However, if these emerging technologies are going to reach the market safely, the innovation involved will need to be protected to protect their inventors’ competitive advantage. This is where our patent attorneys can help.