Great innovations have the potential to effect transformational change in all areas of our lives - providing lifesaving medical treatments, reducing energy, or simply making everyday tasks easier.

You can trust that our technical excellence and resolutely commercial focus will enable us to develop an optimal patent strategy to support your business now and long into the future.


Businesses are constantly managing and reacting to change and the most successful companies consider the role of IP in their business at every strategic inflection point.

We provide consultancy to help you develop an IP strategy unique to your business. Our tried, tested and successful methodologies ensure that when you buy IP consultancy from us, it delivers a return and helps you build value in your business and prepare for the future.


We love clever and cutting-edge design. With product designers among our team of specialists, we are passionate about, and have a genuine interest in, your smart designs - whether it’s a clever piece of packaging or a well-constructed component. 

From furniture and fashion to machinery and medical devices - and everything in between - we understand the value of excellent design in transforming a functional item from good to great. 


As one of the largest litigation and licensing teams in Europe, we pride ourselves on delivering commercially-driven legal solutions to your business challenges.


As the most recognisable and distinguishing asset you have, we understand how important it is to protect and defend your business’s, product or service brand identity. 

From our experienced team of trade mark attorneys, who work with world-leading brands spanning every sector, you will always receive considered, commercial advice that is focussed on strengthening the scope of your brand protection and, ultimately, unlocking its maximum value.


The critical nature of intellectual property rights to the life sciences sector cannot be overstated. The risks associated with such long development times and the regulatory burdens mean that you need the highest quality IP advice.