Best practice: hackathons and IP

Hackathons and innovation go hand in hand; nonetheless, the team-based, often open nature of hackathons can jeopardise securing IP rights for a work developed during an event. For participants and organisers, how can these risks be mitigated to maximise IP generation and value?


Limited flexibility on injunctions: UK Gymnastics just about sticks the landing on Appeal

The Court of Appeal was asked to review the decision of HHJ Clarke in a matter involving the British Amateur Gymnastics Association, the sport’s governing body for gymnastics in the UK, and UK Gymnastics Ltd, UK Gymnastics Affiliation Ltd and their director, Christopher Adams, a sports management and promotion group, which offers membership.


Makin them pay

The vital importance of a business’s IP rights featured heavily in Mr. Justice Zacaroli’s most recent High Court judgment, where the question for the Court was whether the Claimants could enforce certain terms in a settlement agreement against the Defendant, or whether these were unenforceable penalty clauses.


Have they got news for us?

The Australian Government passed its News Media Bargaining Code into law on 2 March 2021. The Code is the world’s first piece of legislation to compel market-dominating tech giants to pay news publishers in exchange for displaying their content.