Introducing Lindsey Annable: Our key to best-in-class online brand protection

This year we launched iProvidence to provide brand owners with their very own all-seeing eye on the internet that:


We actively monitor the internet to find any infringements of your brands, products and services.


Every hit is passed to our team of highly experienced analysts who will assess the potential risk to your business.


We then take the required enforcement action against any offending listings.

iProvidence combines the very best of Potter Clarkson’s intellectual property expertise and decades of strategic, tactical and international brand protection experience with sophisticated search and analytical technology.

However, the driving force is the team behind iProvidence, a team that has just been significantly strengthened by the arrival of Lindsey Annable.

Lindsey returns to Potter Clarkson on the 25th April having recently headed up a luxury global sportswear brand’s online brand protection efforts.

We know her unique experience and total commitment to the fight against counterfeiting and brand infringement will add an irresistible new dimension to iProvidence’s already enormously valuable capabilities.


If you think iProvidence sounds interesting, we would like to give you the opportunity to a complimentary trial to show:

  • how we track and target infringing activity, and
  • how your brand position can be preserved by not losing sales to 3rd party copycat products.

If you would like us to set you up with a trial, please contact Lindsey today.