Best in class online brand protection against counterfeiting

We find, we filter, we enforce

As internet usage all over the world continues to grow at an almost irrepressible speed, the online marketplace has never been so integral to the way we sell our products. However, with increased opportunity comes increased risk.

There has been a 38% increase in counterfeiting over the last year and reports of products being sold online under totally false pretences are never far from the headlines.

As a result, many brand owners are now struggling to keep up with the sheer scale, not to mention many faces of cybercrime. Faced with the prospect of significant financial losses and reputational damage, our clients asked if we could give their brands greater protection online by devising a state of the art, best in class online brand protection service.

The result of these discussions is iProvidence.

iProvidence provides you with your very own Eye of Providence, an all-seeing eye on the internet.

It brings the very best of Potter Clarkson’s intellectual property expertise together with decades of strategic, tactical, and international brand protection experience, to protect your corporate reputation, and brand revenue.

Once you have signed up to iProvidence, our expert team will take care of all the trawling, monitoring, and enforcing of your IP rights on your behalf. This will leave you to concentrate on your other responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that the online threats to your brands are being carefully and constantly monitored.

This unique combination of sophisticated search, analytical technology, and enforcement expertise will find the online threats, filter them according to your key concerns, and then take immediate action to enforce your rights before providing regular reports summarising where and how your brands are being exploited.


We will work with you to set the parameters of the monitoring service you need. Once it goes live we:


As our working days become increasingly stretched, we know it is difficult to find the time to prioritise and resource a monitoring programme that is both commensurate with the value of your brands, and capable of dealing effectively with the risks you uncover.

This is where iProvidence will help by delivering:

  • A comprehensive and cohesive brand protection service 
  • Far greater protection against the full range of online threats
  • Far greater protection on e-commerce platforms


If you would like to see how iProvidence finds and deals with counterfeits and potential infringements, we’d like to give you the opportunity to trial this unique online brand protection tool live.

You give us a brand.  We’ll conduct an initial search.  Then we’ll show you what we find.  All totally free and without any obligations.

We want you to see the benefits of having an all-seeing eye on the internet backed up a team of experts in every aspect of trawling, monitoring, and enforcing IP rights. 

We also want to demonstrate how much this will save you in terms of staff hours and legal costs despite the fact your brands will enjoy huge additional security.