The Graphene Council and Potter Clarkson team up to unlock the full commercial value of graphene

Graphene is a material with (almost) unlimited potential.

The industries already utilising this unlimited potential include medicine, sensors, diagnostics and testing, electronics, transistors, light processing, energy storage, water filtration, lubricants, nanoantennas, coatings, thermal management, composite and structural materials, and many more.

Undoubtedly many, many more companies will join the revolution as the true potential of graphene becomes even clearer.

The Graphene Council was founded in 2013. Their mission was simple: to create and support an active, growing global community of graphene professionals that brings together researchers, academics, producers, developers, investors, nanotechnologists, regulatory agencies, research institutes, material science specialists and even the general public.

This community now contains more than 30,000 people with an interest in this amazing material. We are proud to announce Potter Clarkson is the latest addition.

Potter Clarkson is a fully integrated IP law firm offering patent, trade mark, design, commercial law and litigation services from our London, Nottingham, Stockholm and Copenhagen offices.

Our unique combination of patent and trade mark attorneys and litigators and IP solicitors means we can provide instant access to all the advice an innovative business needs from a single source. It is an approach that simplifies the process of creating the clear, costed and joined up commercial strategies technology focused businesses in the 21st century need to consolidate their market potential and maximise the value of their innovations.

Over the last few years graphene is one of the technologies Potter Clarkson has developed a particular specialism in.

In addition to working with an ever-growing number of graphene-based businesses all over the world and actively assisting the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), our advanced materials team (led by Jason Teng) has developed an increasingly close working relationship with The Graphene Council and their members.

Jason and his team are already helping graphene businesses of every size and at every stage plot the IP strategies that will maximise the impact and value of their innovations as they look to develop the next generation of products and processes involving graphene and 2D materials.

This partnership will take the relationship between the Graphene Council and Potter Clarkson to the next stage, allowing both parties to develop a more strategic and commercial approach everyone involved in the furtherment of graphene can tap into and benefit from.

Terrance Barkan CAE, executive director of The Graphene Council, has long recognised the need for their members to use IP rights in a more commercial way. When the partnership was announced he mentioned this specifically as he welcomed Potter Clarkson into The Graphene Council:

The successful commercialization of graphene, whether you are a producer, application developer or have an end-use product, relies on securing your intellectual property rights. The Graphene Council is very pleased to welcome Potter Clarkson and their team of experienced legal experts as part of The Graphene Council to help companies protect their intellectual property assets.” 

Jason Teng, partner and head of the advanced materials team at Potter Clarkson echoed Mr Barkan’s comments:

As more graphene products and applications enter the market, it is clear that the industry is fast approaching a tipping point. To ensure innovators get the return they deserve from their inventions, taking the right steps towards commercialisation is as vital as obtaining intellectual property rights.

We look forward to working with The Graphene Council and their experts to help our graphene clients navigate the commercial graphene landscape with the right information, solutions and connections.”

Seeing the obvious synergies between the way The Graphene Council and Potter Clarkson want to develop the graphene’s (almost) unlimited potential, teaming up certainly looks like a significant step towards unlocking the full commercial value of graphene.

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