Our patent attorneys specialise in protecting and commercialising carbon capture technologies

Fossil fuels still provide most of the world’s electricity. However, traditional power generation is still by far the largest emitter of carbon.

If the world’s governments’ aims to drastically reduce local carbon emissions are going to be realised, carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies will need to reach a very high level of usage.

Our patent attorneys have already worked on a range of projects involving capture, sequestration, utilisation, mobile carbon capture, direct air capture, oxy-combustion and bio-energy carbon capture and storage technologies.

As a result, we understand what it takes to protect and commercialise the innovation behind both the capture and processing of carbon dioxide.

We can provide this level of advice because we have developed an in-depth working knowledge of the different areas involved in carbon capture, including:

  • The materials needed to capture CO2 and how they are used
  • The way CO2 is captured
  • The way CO2 is sequestered
  • The ways to chemically convert the captured CO2 into other materials
  • How to use carbon capture for specific applications such as concrete manufacture
  • How to legislate for superior and selective CO2 capture capacities
  • How to increase the levels of captured CO2 at storage sites

Most importantly, we have learned that developing the right IP strategy is absolutely key to ensuring your carbon capture technology achieves its maximum value once it becomes available. 

Before we even begin the patenting process, our unique suite of fixed price consultancy products will identify and define the innovation you have and provide the insight we need to create an IP strategy that maps directly to your business plan.

From there we will guide you through the process of securing the intellectual property rights you’ll need to successfully deliver your strategy:

  • We will conduct prior art searches to try to ensure patent protection can be obtained, and any necessary Freedom to Operate searches
  • We will draft and file the required patent applications (and advise you when and how best to begin your applications)
  • We will manage the process of obtaining patents in the relevant international jurisdictions
  • If relevant, we will also talk you though alternative types of IP protection if they are better suited to your technology and commercial objectives
  • Our experienced oppositions team will defend any oppositions to your patent in front of the European Patent Office or oppose any newly-granted patents that constrain your business objectives

Our trade mark attorneys will also be on hand to protect your branding and ensure you are aware of any unwanted or unlawful attention from your competitors, and ready to take immediate action to enforce your brands.

Our energy and cleantech team is unique in that it includes not only patent and trade mark attorneys, but also IP solicitors.

Once you put your business plan into action you may well find you need to support your IP strategy with a new set of domestic or cross-border legal agreements, contracts or licensing arrangements with your partners, suppliers, and customers.

Or given the high volume of activity expected in the carbon capture sector, you could find yourself in need of experienced litigators should your position or your IP be challenged.

Our multi-disciplinary team work closely together to ensure you receive the complete range of IP and legal support you need to progress and create the highest level of value from your carbon capture technology.

Or if you’d like to discuss a potential carbon capture project with our patent attorneys, please contact our specialist team today.