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At Potter Clarkson, we have one clearly defined purpose - creating value from innovation.


A guide to software patents

Download our guide and learn how to maximise the value of your software-based innovations. This will involve appreciating and understanding the intellectual property you own, and how best to manage it.


Time to act: Get your trade marks & designs Brexit-ready

Navigating the changes to the European IP landscape does not have to be complicated. Here, we take you through the key changes and explain how to ensure your rights remain protected and enforceable when the UK exits the EU.

Legal Update

Bait & switch selling: Construction trade mark case cements law

In an early October IPEC judgment, Recorder Amanda Michaels grappled with an unusual case in which allegations of trade mark infringement (and passing off) were made against the Defendants, who were said to be using the Claimants’ marks to sell their own goods in a manner that amounted to unlawful ‘bait and switch selling’.

Legal Update

Covid-19: Update on procedures for patents, trade marks and designs

Like all organisations, intellectual property offices have had to make changes to the way they operate at the current time to limit the spread of Covid-19. Here, you will find the key changes you need to be aware of from the EPO, EUIPO, UKIPO, DKPTO, PRV and WIPO.

Legal Update

Intellectual property licensing and collaborations

The purpose of this article is to look at best practice, from a lawyer’s perspective, in the negotiation of IP licences and collaboration agreements as well as some of the pitfalls that arise in these situations.