Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Senior Associate - Patent Attorney

After gaining over eight years’ experience in industry - where he worked for three separate companies researching military lasers, industrial lasers and medical devices - Stephen brings extensive expertise in laser and optical-based technology to the electronics and computing team at Potter Clarkson.

With a specialism in electronic circuits and wireless communications, Stephen has also worked for clients in the fields of medical devices, fuel cells, solar energy and software.  

He joined Potter Clarkson in January 2017, and as well as being an expert in lasers and photonics, Stephen is a named inventor on several patents.



Electronics, wireless communications, lasers and photonics  


Stephen obtained a first-class MSci in physics with photonics at the University of St Andrews. He then spent a year studying for a master's in electrical and computer engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA. He subsequently returned to St Andrews to complete a PhD - “Photonic Crystals as Functional Mirrors for Semiconductor Lasers”.  


Msci (Hons), MSc, PhD, UK and European Patent Attorney

Awards & Recognition

Since joining Potter Clarkson, Stephen has excelled in the patent qualification exams, winning three out of four national prizes for the foundation papers, including the Moss Prize for obtaining the highest overall mark in the UK and overseas patent law papers.  

At university, Stephen won several awards including most outstanding student in his final two years. He was also awarded the Bobby Jones Fellowship to pursue his master's at Georgia Tech. 


Outside work, Stephen enjoys spending time with his young family and escaping for a few holes of golf when possible. He also enjoys playing the guitar, developing mobile games and tinkering with electronic gadgetry.