Dave Clark

Dave Clark

Partner - Patent Attorney

Dave is an experienced UK and European patent attorney with a background in the physical sciences and is particularly adept at helping clients to unlock the full commercial value of computer-implemented and electronics-based inventions.

Focused on maximising value out of his client’s IP budgets, Dave is particularly skilled in enabling them to make informed commercial decisions about how best to protect their intellectual property. 

He has extensive experience in drafting patent specifications, engaging with patent examiners, managing patent portfolios, and representing his clients in hearings at the European Patent Office (EPO) and the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), as well as performing due diligence and freedom-to-operate exercises. He has been involved in appeals from the UKIPO to the courts in relation to the patentability of computer implemented inventions, including a successful appeal to the English High Court for Astron Clinica et al, following which the UKIPO's practice of not granting claims for computer programs was overturned. 

Dave entered the patent profession in 2003. He joined Potter Clarkson in 2008 and was appointed as a partner in 2014.



Semiconductors, mobile telephony platforms and applications, fuel cells, RFID systems, optical systems, numerous software implemented inventions, as well as mechanical inventions


Dave read electronic engineering at the University of Warwick. He was sponsored throughout his degree course by Marconi Communications and spent a year out from university working in a software development department of the company. 


BEng (Hons), UK and European Patent Attorney 


Outside work, Dave enjoys the fresh air that comes with open water swimming and watching rugby.