Wind and wave energy

Wind and wave energy will play a crucial part in decarbonising our world, slowing climate change and helping the UK government achieve its aim of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

However, the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy will require significant innovation. The increased competition this will cause means those companies leading the charge must ensure their inventions, ideas and products are fully protected against unwanted and unauthorised attention from their competitors.

Our patent attorneys will provide this protection, ensuring your IP rights continue to deliver your current objectives and support your long-term strategy.

Carbon capture

While fossil fuels still provide most of the world’s electricity, traditional power generation is still the largest carbon emitter.

The world’s governments have pledged to drastically reduce local carbon emissions but, to do so, carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies will need to be used extensively.

Our patent attorneys have worked on a range of projects involving capture, sequestration, utilisation, mobile carbon capture, direct air capture, oxy-combustion and bio energy carbon capture and storage technologies.

Fashion and apparel

The manufacture of clothing and - increasingly - wearable tech is the ultimate combination of design, branding and technology. If you are going to maximise the value of the clothing you produce and safeguard your financial, creative and technical investments, you will need to protect and enforce every aspect of your design, branding and technology.