Exam success for Potter Clarkson employees

The recent publication of results for the UK patent attorney qualifying examinations revealed that this has been a stellar year so far for Potter Clarkson’s trainee patent attorneys.

Helen BartlettAlice Mortiboy and Bethany Seccombe passed all three of the Foundations Exams that they took. Helen Bartlett has been awarded the Moss Prize for the candidate with the combined highest mark in the UK Patent Law and International Patent Law Foundation Exams.

Joel BeeversFiona HeyMatthew Wells and Stephen Moore have all passed both of the Foundation exams that they took and have therefore now passed all the Foundation exams. They have also each passed the pre-EQE exams and will now go on to do the EQE exams.

Stephen Moore has been awarded the Mike Higgins Prize for the candidate passing Design and Copyright Law with the highest mark, and the Keith Farwell Prize for the candidate passing Trade Mark Law with the highest mark.

Peter Mumford and Matthew Walsh have both passed Advanced IP Law and Practice.

Louise Robinson has passed Infringement and Validity and is now able to take her place on the Register of Patent Attorneys.

We are delighted with how well all of our trainees have performed this year.

"It is great to see that all their hard work has paid off! Potter Clarkson places great importance on training, and in addition to helping our trainees to prepare for their exams, we ensure that all of our trainees have an opportunity to be involved in offering practical advice through involvement in real client matters from their first day with the firm. This helps our trainees to develop practical skills too." Helen Johnstone, Potter Clarkson’s training partner