Andrew Pearson

Andrew Pearson

Associate - Patents

Prior to joining the electronics and computing team at Potter Clarkson in 2018, Andrew spent several years working as a researcher at academic institutions, firstly at the University of Sheffield and then at the University of Cambridge.

During this time, his research covered polymeric, small molecule, colloidal nanocrystal and perovskite semiconductors that show promise for solar energy and light-emitting technologies. He has extensive experience in laboratory-scale device fabrication using solution processing methods, thin film characterisation, X-ray scattering techniques and environmental testing. 

Andrew’s research has received peer-level recognition. He has co-authored over 50 papers, published in journals that include advanced materials, energy and environmental science and nature. 



Optoelectronics, physics, electronics and computing 


Andrew read physics at the University of Nottingham and obtained his PhD from the University of Sheffield, where he undertook research on organic semiconductors targeted for photovoltaic applications. 


MSci (Hons), PhD, European Patent Attorney


In his spare time, Andrew enjoys swing dancing, bouldering and hiking.