Tomasz Wirt

Tomasz Wirt

Trainee Patent Attorney

Carrying a decade of experience in biotechnology research, Tomasz joined Potter Clarkson to help European clients protect their intellectual property.

Tomasz’s academic work focused on the development of techniques addressing relevant needs in the life science sector. He has a deep understanding of molecular biology, particularly in nucleic acid applications in molecular diagnostics, imaging, and high-throughput omics research. He authored numerous scientific publications and is a co-inventor on two patent applications.

In addition to his academic work, Tomasz has been involved with two Stockholm-based start-ups, coordinating research teams towards the development of personalized-medicine devices and methods.

Shortly before joining Potter Clarkson as a trainee patent attorney in 2021, Tomasz coordinated the development of a novel RNA-sequencing-based drug screening platform at Stockholm University (SciLifeLab).



Biochemistry, molecular biology, nucleic acid technologies, drug screening, diagnostics and medical devices, next generation sequencing


Tomasz obtained a B.Eng degree from Warsaw University of Life Sciences. MSc degree he obtained from Uppsala University and a PhD degree from Stockholm University.


B.Eng, MSc, PhD


Tomasz is a sports enthusiast. He trains martial arts and enjoys climbing, hiking, and snowboarding. He also loves riding anything with wheels.


English, Swedish, Polish