Potter Clarkson’s Trade Secret Registry

Potter Clarkson’s Trade Secret Registry: the simplest, most secure way to safeguard your trade secrets

Potter Clarkson’s Trade Secret Registry (powered by Aon) is the simplest way to track and protect the invaluable trade secrets at the heart of your business.

It’s not just the perfect tool for simplifying the administrative side of your portfolio - it also adds an additional level of security that more traditional alternatives can’t provide.


Increasingly, intellectual property is a company’s most valuable asset. However, while most businesses design increasingly sophisticated strategies to protect their patents and trade marks, recent studies show many companies don’t afford their trade secrets the same degree of protection - despite their value.

Sometimes this is because a business hasn’t taken the time to identify them.

Sometimes it’s because they feel they don’t have any.

This is certainly not the case. Almost all businesses have trade secrets.

Protecting them is essential, a task that is becoming not only more important than ever, but also more challenging. That’s exactly what SafeGuard - a straightforward way to identify, protect and manage your trade secrets - was designed to help with.

However, once you’ve identified your trade secrets and are taking steps to protect them, you need a way to manage them.

As you might imagine, this can involve considerable administration and compliance work. Nevertheless, the right technology will instantly make the process quicker, easier and more straightforward.

Potter Clarkson’s Trade Secret Registry is the right technology.


Potter Clarkson’s Trade Secret Registry (powered by Aon) is a bespoke, blockchain-enabled platform designed specifically to provide you with the simplest and most efficient way to identify, record and manage your trade secrets.

To minimise the risk of trade secret theft and maximise the security under which they are stored, our Trade Secret Registry is totally secure. It ensures all assets stay behind your organisation’s firewall using your own security controls.

Once you sign up to it, our Trade Secret Registry instantly allows you to:

  • Actively protect and manage your trade secrets
  • Ensure your trade secrets are authenticated and inaccessible outside your organisation
  • Make sure your information is unique and cannot be duplicated
  • Provide you with greater management control over your trade secrets
  • Prove you own your trade secrets
  • Satisfy any additional legal requirements


The power of the Potter Clarkson Trade Secret Registry is that it simplifies a complex, time-consuming yet business-critical task.

It makes inputting and maintaining your trade secrets as simple as possible.

It makes accessing your trade secrets as simple as possible.

It makes ensuring your trade secrets are totally secure as simple as possible.

Of course, we’ll provide you with access to the demo version of the Trade Secret Registry - not to mention offer full training and live support once you become a user - but here’s a basic overview of how it works.