Maximising your market opportunity

Our specialist team can help you with all aspects of Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs), patent term extensions (PTEs) and regulatory exclusivities. We know the scale of resources required to bring a medicinal or plant protection product to market and why these rights have such a valuable commercial role to play in protecting your investment.

Expert in the interplay between patents, SPCs/PTEs and regulatory exclusivities, we will help you navigate a clear path through these complex and interrelated legal frameworks. Our attorneys closely monitor evolving case law in this area to ensure our clients remain in the strongest position to maximise the global market opportunity for their innovation.

As one of Europe’s largest life sciences IP teams, with expertise spanning pharmaceuticals, biologics, and agrochemicals, you can be assured that we have the technical knowledge and experience to exhaust every available route to achieving your objectives. You’ll be in good company working with us as we have successfully secured SPCs for products such as: Abstral®, Brintellix®, Cervarix®, Edluar®, Fasenra®, Feraccru®, Gardasil®, Jetrea®, Idelvion®, Nimenrix®, PecFent®, Synflorix®, Xerava®, Xospata ®