Calem Curreen

Calem Curreen

Trainee Patent Attorney

Calem joined Potter Clarkson in 2023 following a three-year period of training with a specialist patent firm. He has a broad inter-disciplinary academic background straddling the boundary between physics and chemistry.

In 2020, Calem completed his master’s thesis on photoelectron spectroscopy of pyrene at extreme (femtosecond) timescales, a study of interest in organoelectronics, astrophysics, and photochemistry. After graduating, he spent three years developing legal knowledge, technical expertise, commercial appreciation, and client care skills at a boutique IP practice.

A strong technical grounding both in physics - quantum theory, particle physics, waves, and optics - and chemistry - computational modelling, thermodynamics, materials, and spectroscopy - allows Calem to get to grips with a wide variety of technologies quickly. As a result, at a relatively early stage of his career, he has a range of patent experience across a variety of technological industries, including hi-tech electronics and software, telecoms, AI and machine learning, engineering, energy and renewables, optics and holography, materials and nanotech, and chemical processing.

Calem’s work to date has included application drafting, prosecution, opposition, due diligence, and portfolio management, for clients ranging in size from solo inventors to SMEs and large multinationals.

Before joining Potter Clarkson, Calem obtained all five UK foundation certificates in 2021, before passing, in 2022, UK final diplomas in drafting and amendment, and qualifying, in 2023, to sit the European final examinations.

He hopes to soon be registered as a UK and European Patent Attorney.



Telecoms (SEPs), software, electronics, AI and machine learning, autonomous vehicles, blockchain and NFTs; acoustics, optics, holography, spectroscopic methods; mechanical engineering, aeronautics, marine tech, vacuum systems, medical devices, widgets; power systems, energy harvesting, renewables; nanotech, semiconductors, materials, chemical processing, spectroscopic methods. 


Calem has a first class MSci in natural sciences (chemistry & physics) from Durham University. His physics studies focussed on quantum theory, particle physics, electromagnetism, and optics, with specialisations in quantum mechanics and atoms, lasers, and qubits. His chemistry studies centred around kinetics, thermodynamics, molecular interactions, computational modelling, and spectroscopic methods, culminating in a research project on photoelectron spectroscopy of anionic pyrene.


MSci (Hons)


Calem enjoys cricket, football, sporadic bursts of golf, butchering his favourite songs on the guitar, and curating the perfect Spotify playlist. He has recently taken up photography and jiu-jitsu - though not at the same time - and he hopes to soon continue study towards his next French language qualification.