Emily Gamblen

Emily Gamblen

Trainee Patent Attorney

During her time as an undergraduate Emily specialised in semiconductors, magnets and low-temperature quantum phenomena. Her Master’s dissertation was in ultra-low temperature cooling techniques.

She benefited from specialised academic commercialisation and spin-out training during her postgraduate studies, where her research was focused on quantum nanotechnology and 2D materials.

She joined Potter Clarkson in 2023 as a trainee patent attorney.



Physics, 2D materials, graphene, superconductors, nanotechnology


Emily studied physics as an integrated Master’s at Lancaster University. She then joined the NowNano Centre for Doctoral Training and is currently working on her thesis.


MPhys (Hons), PhD (pending)


Institute of Physics


In her spare time, Emily enjoys rock climbing, reading fiction and fibre arts.


English, French