Ensuring you stand out in a crowded market

In a world of ever-changing consumer habits, the investments you make in new product development and branding must deliver tangible returns. The timescales can be unforgiving, with each day that a product sits ‘on the shelf’ impacting negatively on the bottom line.

From food and drink to clothing, vehicles and personal care products, our specialist team can help with any intellectual property challenge you face – whether it is securing a new trade mark, defending an existing patent or launching in a new global market. We do not look at IP in isolation – it is about understanding where your business is heading and ensuring your IP approach helps you to get there.

You can expect clear, succinct and commercially sound advice from us. Our multi-disciplinary team has encountered many complex situations and understands the potential hazards that can be in your way, having helped to establish many of today’s household-name brands and clear the way for the next wave of iconic products.