Our patent attorneys specialise in fuel cell and hydrogen technology

The current push towards decarbonization, controlling greenhouse gas emissions and keeping increases in average global temperature to below 2° means innovation and investment in the hydrogen economy is about to surge.

Many ways to maximise hydrogen’s potential as an energy carrier are being explored. These include hydrogen fuel cells (most notably hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and portable hydrogen fuel cells), renewable hydrogen, offshore wind turbine platforms and solar power systems designed for hydrogen production, advanced electrolysis, X-to-Hydrogen-to-X as well as new ways to distribute, liquify and compress hydrogen.

However, if these emerging technologies are going to reach the market safely, the innovation involved will need to be protected to protect their inventors’ competitive advantage. This is where our patent attorneys can help.

While fuel cell technology has arguably reached maturity, system and component development continues to address new applications of the technology and strive for improved efficiencies and reduced cost. Hydrogen is being viewed as a high growth area both in terms of offering a welcome supplement to battery storage and a viable alternative when a battery is not quite right for the particular application.

As a result, the level of competition between those endeavouring to find the best new ways to generate, store, and use hydrogen in the most environmentally friendly way will only increase. This means you will need to be on the front foot when it comes to protecting and commercialising your innovation.

Our experienced team of patent attorneys have been involved in the draft or prosecution of hundreds of patent applications in the fields of fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage. They also understand the application of hydrogen power in established industries. Currently this is primarily linked to the transport industry but with so much potential, it won’t be long before other sectors work out how to benefit from this exciting and environmentally friendly source of energy.

However, our experience is not solely technical. We are also very much focussed on finding the right ways to maximise the commercial value of your ideas.

Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors will help you create an IP strategy aligned to your objectives and your business plan and strikes the right balance between protecting your existing IP rights, developing, or acquiring the new rights you’ll need to take the next step and planning how to maximise the value the of your rights and innovations.

We’ll then make the implementation of your strategy as straightforward and effective as possible and ensure you haven’t overlooked any potentially lucrative innovation or ideas.

Our patent attorneys will:

  • Conduct any prior art searches or Freedom to Operate searches to assist you in understanding the landscape around your invention or commercial activities
  • Draft and file any required patent applications (and advise you when and how best to begin your applications)
  • Manage the process of obtaining patents abroad
  • Discuss alternative types of IP protection in case they better suit your technology or your commercial objectives
  • Defend any oppositions in front of the European Patent Office or oppose any patents that potentially affect your freedom to operate

Our energy and cleantech team is unique in that it includes not only patent attorneys also experienced IP solicitors.

Our solicitors specialise in drafting and negotiating domestic and multi-jurisdictional agreements. They are working with a growing number of clients in the cleantech space and will ensure that all the commercial arrangements you need to put your business plan into effect are in place.

And if your position or IP is challenged, our experienced litigators will guide you through the process within the UK, Europe and, if required, internationally.

Meanwhile, our trade mark attorneys will protect your brand, alert you to any unauthorised or unwelcome attention from your competitors and take immediate action to enforce your brands if required.

Our multi-disciplinary team works together seamlessly. Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors will ensure you receive the complete range of IP and legal support you need to progress and create the highest level of value from your hydrogen-based innovation. 

This comprehensive and collaborative model has never been as important. 

Some of the largest OEMs are now looking to either partner or purchase to bring in the very specific hydrogen knowledge they’ll need to further the use of hydrogen in their own products. If you are looking to partner or sell, the IP and legal due diligence you conduct will play a huge part in making sure you realise the highest possible return from your technology and expertise.

If you’d like to discuss your hydrogen-based innovation with our patent attorneys or IP solicitors, please contact our specialist team today.