Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors are specialists in protecting and commercialising the supporting technology for wind and wave energy

Novel wind and wave energy technologies already play a crucial part in decarbonising our world, slowing climate change and helping the UK government achieve its aim of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

However, the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy will require further significant innovation. The increased competition this will cause means those companies leading the charge must ensure their inventions, ideas and products are fully protected against unwanted and unauthorised attention from their competitors.

Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors are skilled at providing this protection, ensuring your intellectual property (IP) rights continue to deliver your current objectives and support your long-term strategy.

We understand wind and wave power from a technical perspective, as well as biofuels, energy-efficient combustion technologies and the chemical processes that will reduce waste products and harmful emissions.

More specifically, when it comes to wind power, we understand airborne wind energy, offshore floating concepts, smart rotors, blade tip-mounted rotors, multi-rotor turbines, wind-induced energy harvesting devices, power transmission and switching systems, alternative support structures and the technology behind generators and turbines.

In wave power, we understand the leading techniques (absorbers, attenuators, oscillation water columns, overtopping and inverted-pendulum devices) for capturing and transporting the energy produced by ocean surface waves, whether it’s ultimately used to desalinate or pump water, or generate electricity.

After the energy has been captured, our team also has a wealth of experience in the innovation needed to store it.

Our experience isn’t just technical, however. We’re also very much focused on the commercial side and maximising the value of your IP.

Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors will help you create an IP strategy that maps directly onto both your objectives and your business plan, striking the right balance between protecting your existing IP rights, developing or acquiring any new rights you’ll need, and planning how to maximise the future value of your rights and innovations.

Before we even begin the patenting process, our unique suite of fixed-price consultancy products will identify and define your innovation and provide the insight we need to create the best possible IP strategy.

From there, we’ll guide you through the process of securing the intellectual property rights you’ll need to successfully deliver your strategy:

  • We can conduct prior art searches to try and ensure patent protection can be obtained, or carry out Freedom to Operate searches which are often of help in this sector
  • We will draft and file the required patent applications (and advise you when and how best to begin your applications)
  • We will help you obtain patents in the relevant territories
  • We can also talk you though alternative types of IP protection (most specifically designs) if they are better suited to your technology and objectives
  • Our experienced oppositions team will defend any oppositions to your patent in front of the European Patent Office, or oppose any newly granted patents that constrain your business objectives

This is where our specialist renewable energy technology team is unique.

It comprises not only patent attorneys who understand the nuts and bolts of your innovation, but also our experienced IP solicitors.

Our solicitors specialise in drafting and negotiating domestic and multi-jurisdictional agreements. They work closely with a growing number of clients in the cleantech space so understand exactly how to establish the commercial and legal relationships you’ll need.

Given the high volume of activity in the renewable energy sector, it is highly likely your position or IP will be challenged. If so, our experienced litigators will guide you through the process within the UK, Europe and, if required, internationally.

Our trade mark attorneys are on hand to protect your branding and identify potential infringements.

By working closely together, our multi-disciplinary team will make sure you receive all the IP and legal support you need to develop and create the highest level of value from your wave or wind power technology.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming wind and wave project with our patent attorneys and IP solicitors, please contact our specialist team today.