Clean Technologies

Cleantech is a pioneering field that not everyone understands. Our combination of scientific and legal knowledge, twinned with our experience of establishing a strong IP position for cleantech innovations, makes us the ideal partner.

Cleantech in the Green agenda
Over recent years there has been ever-growing recognition of the global importance of the green agenda, with regular scientific and governmental reports highlighting the dangers of climate change, the perils of pollution and the need to secure clean energy, meaningful recycling, appropriate natural resource use and energy security.
Many companies worldwide have risen to these challenges and are leading the way in innovation and technical development.  The breadth and depth of our expertise allows us to partner and work with those companies to enable them to protect their Intellectual Property, so they have the confidence to use their hard work and investment commercially to assist not only their own business but also the world’s environment.
Our Cleantech team
The Potter Clarkson Cleantech team is made up of specialists from our technology patent groups: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Electronics & Computing and Engineering & Designs.  This enables us to advise and assist all Cleantech companies where the range of technology is so varied.
Through regular interaction and with the benefit of being all under one roof, we truly understand the issues those operating in clean energy and renewables are facing, and the sensitivities of the commercial environment in which they find themselves.
Our experience and expertise enables us to give commercial advice and support on technological innovations within such areas as solar power and wind energy, wave energy and bio-reactors. We can advise and act on a range of issues including, but by no means limited to, biofuels, fuel cells, recycling and waste management.                         
Indeed we can cover any usual aspect under the wide Cleantech umbrella.
UK-IPO “Green Channel”
Our substantial involvement in this sector has given us a deep experience of utilising the UK-IPO’s “Green Channel”.  This procedure expedites the examination of UK patents which relate to clean or green technologies.  The UK-IPO charges reduced fees for such applications.  We can advise on which worldwide countries have also introduced this efficient process, and assist clients in taking commercial advantage of this procedure.

And we do not simply take an interest in Cleantech for commercial and business reasons.  As a firm we believe in the “Green” principles ourselves and we have put such issues into practice “at home”.
Among the three ISO standards we have been awarded, we hold certification for ISO14001:2004, the recognised standard for Environmental Management.  We are one of the few firms of Patent and Trade Mark attorneys that have this accreditation. ISO 14001 is the principal management system standard which specifies the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an environmental management system.  This helps to control our environmental aspects, reduce impacts and ensure legal compliance.  We recognise the social and economic importance of protecting the environment and that the firm’s commitment to this must encompass all its activities.  It should be prepared to lead by example in promoting a sensitive, considered attitude to the environment.  We believe that we do this.

Clean Technologies areas of specialism:

  • Alternative energy
  • Fuel cells
  • Biofuels
  • Energy efficient products and processes
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Waste treatment technologies
  • Waste recycling
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Wind power